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4. Round Britain

Important Update:
The trip has been postponed. For more information see the blog S.Y. Ruby Rose.

A long cherished desire should once be fulfilled. A round of Great Britain clockwise navigating in the months of May, June and July 2013 was the intention. So crossing to Dover, along the south coast of England via Wight, Lands End and the Scillies, north along the west coast of England and then cross to the east coast of Ireland and then to the west coast of Scotland for a few weeks sailing / hopping among the Western Isles of Scotland. Then by the Caledonian Canal and then sagging along the east coast of Scotland and England back to Lelystad.
Three months adventurous busy with expected changing crews at various locations in and be flown (an entire organization). For the state of affairs with respect to the preparation, news and ultimately periodic travelogue see the special weblog SY Ruby Rose.
Interested in sail?
If you are interested in a piece to sail during the tour 'Round Britain', you can make this known through the weblog. With interested parties will exploratory be discussed the concrete realization of opportunities and constraints. Please contact the webmaster if you really want to sail as a crewmember for some of the planned adventurous sailing parts.

Provisional timetable

  • Coasthopping 'Round Britain "clockwise
  • Departure Wednesday, May 1 2013, from Lelystad
  • Return home later than July 31, 2013
  • Sailing, Drinking and Rocking Ruby Rose
  • As much as possible all trips of 40 nautical miles (6 hours at sea)
  • Sufficient space for sightseeing and other activities outside sailing
  • Maximum occupation per track Ruby Rose: 4-5 persons
  • Flexible trip planning with built space for blown lying
  • Sufficient strategic entry and exit locations for crew
Itinerary outline
  • May 2013: From Lelystad to the south coast of England at Lands End, west England, east coast Ireland and finally the west coast of Scotland
  • June 2013: Stay from 2-3 weeks to west coast of Scotland with subsequent trip through the Caledonian Canal
  • July 2013: From the east coast of Scotland slipping down the east coast of England and afterwards the crossing to Netherlands
Itinerary week
  • Wednesday, May 1 t / m Sunday, May 5: From Lelystad to south-east coast of England (Dover, Eastbourne)
  • Week of May 6: Along South Coast England via Wight to Lands End / Scillies
  • Week of May 13: Along west England and near Carnsore Point along east coast of Ireland to the region of Dublin
  • Week of May 20: Along east coast Ireland to the north - possibly interstate stop on the Isle of Man - to the west coast of Scotland (near Campletown)
  • Week of May 27: Exploring West Coast Scotland (week lapse if fallen behind)
  • Week of June 3: Exploring West Coast Scotland
  • Week of June 10: Exploring West Coast Scotland
  • Week of June 17: The Caledonian Canal to the east coast of Scotland
  • Week of June 24: Along east coast of Scotland slipping down to the region of Edinbrough
  • Week of July 1: Along east coast of Scotland further south to the region of Scarborough
  • Week of July 8: Reserve for possible delays (stay on east coast of England)
  • Week of July 15: From Scarborough - possibly through The Wash / Great Yarmouth - to The Netherlands
  • Final Week of July 22: The Netherlands to home / reserve days
Identified long trips (more than 40 nautical miles at a time)
  • Lelystad - Dover
  • Lands End - Pembroke (west England)
  • Scarborough - Den Helder