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5. Other trips

On this page are lots of photos with captions on sailing trips, undertaken in the last 20 years.
Since 1993 there has been many hazards with Ruby Rose. The first trip was getting Ruby Rose from Littlehampton on the south coast of England to The Netherlands, a berth at the Westeinderplassen. Same year to the Wadden Sea and in autumn of 1993 to St. Catharine's Dock in London. The following years, Ruby Rose was our safe driving family caravan and there  have been many (sea) journeys: Along the coast to the Zeeland waters. A dozen times on the east coast of England and several times to Belgium and France (including twice a sabbatical in Normandy). Even Germany and Denmark were visited several times. Since 1996, the berth of Ruby Rose is in Lelystad. From here many sailing trips were held on IJsselmeer, Wadden, Markermeer, other countries including the so-called annual "Uitslingertocht' in autumn and in  winter the so-called "Cold Claws Tour'.
In the longer term, the idea is to give ​​Ruby Rose a permanent berth in France (Brittany, Roche Bernard).

All the photos are storaged in a second website about Ruby Rose: Archive Ruby Rose                    
June 2006: Near Den Helder
January1993: First encounter in Brighton