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3. 'Inslingertochten'

Annually - since the new millennium - in April or May a week sailings are organized from Parkhaven in Lelystad. These 'Inslingertochten' often go to the east coast of England with a limited number of yachts. More information about the essence of the 'Inslingertochten' can be found here.
For detailed information about the phenomenon of Inslingertochten's see the presentation (ppt in Dutch).
In addition to the slides on the essence of the spring trips a few videos illustrates - each in their own way - the essence of the yearly sailing tour.

Of the annual tours are extensive video reports made​​. Every year during the Postpalaver (usually in September) the most recent video of one and a half hour is shown to any crews, friends and family. Brief summaries of these are for insiders (who have the right url) to see and hear from YouTube. To get an idea a few of these summaries (previews) are here generally accessible:
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